The Wasp Named by Pop Culture

The Wasp Named by Pop Culture

Sorry guys, I’m doing it again.

There’s a wasp named Dementor now, and I don’t mean like a nickname.  It’s scientific name is “Ampulex dementor”, because let’s be real, it’s no fun if when you’re screaming something’s name it doesn’t fill the people around you with terror.  Can’t ever be something like “Ampulex Dandelion Sniffer”, nope, gotta traumatize children via pop culture references.  Thanks guys!

Although I do appreciate the article.


The wasp was undiscovered until last year in Southeast Asia and the researchers decided to go ahead and give the public a say in the name.  What sets the dementor apart from other wasps however, is their appetite and the way they go about acquiring that food.  That taste leans heavily towards cockroaches, and even though those buggers can survive a nuke, these horror inducing wasps still make them their pray.  They do this by injecting their belly with venom, which turns them into a ‘passive zombie’.  This blocks the cockroach’s receptors that allow it spontaneous movement and it loses all control, as which point the wasp leads it somewhere to be eaten alive.

For a continued reading on the matter, click here for CNN’s article on the matter.

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