We had a severe yellow jacket problem. Carvin was extremely responsive, professional and thorough in the services he provided. He quickly diagnosed and solved our problem. I am happy to say that we can rest easy in our home again! He is a life-saver. Thank You!

Maryann D

“Thank you for helping us on such short notice. It’s a relief to know the kids are safe!”

Andrea G

“A1 bee specialists saved my life literally. I had an unknown huge hive in my attic that ate through to my closet. I am allergic to bees. I was hysterical. It was 7:30 at night. I got lucky when I dialed the first A1 Bee specialists from the yellow pages. Carvin answered the phone, and came out that night. I got lucky. Anyone who uses this company will be lucky to have their problem solved.”

Linda L.

A1 Bee is fabulous! I have been using them for over 10 years. Carvin provides superior customer service and recently came out to my house within 24 hours to remove a pesty hive being built between my siding and brick. Would highly recommend!

Julie D.

I have used A1 Bee Specialists twice now, and am very satisfied with the service both times. He was prompt and professional, and I had no issues with the quality of our service. I highly recommend.

Jennifer L.