A1 Bee Specialists Now servicing Rochester Hills, Mi, Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County.


 Our services include:  

  • Carpenter bees inspection, prevention and Home structural protection.
  •  Yellow jackets nest removal, stinging insect prevention for Family and Pets. 
  • Baldfaced hornet's nest removal, prevention and stinging insect protection.
  •  Wasps nest removal, prevention and protection from unprovoked bee stings.

Make your home in Rochester Hills, Mi insect free get rid of bees, wasps, hornets, Yellow Jackets and Carpenter Bees


Yellow jackets have a yellow and black head/face and a patterned abdomen. They can be found any place humans can be found. Check near recycling bins or anywhere sugary sweets can be found. They become more aggressive in the fall of the year before they begin to die off.

The baldfaced Hornets are best known for their large football-shaped paper nest, which they build in the spring Hornets has a painful sting and is very aggressive and protective of their nest if disturbed.

Carpenter Bees look like a typical bumble bee but often lack yellow stripes. They are solitary bees. They bore through softwood to lay eggs and protect football-shaped larvae as they develop.

 Preventative Service.

All that is required are 3 simple steps

  • Expert inspection for possible bee areas, as well as surveying current hives.  

  • The treatment used according to the label instructions which make it safe for both children and pets! We also use 100% organic chemicals available upon request. We value you your family and pet’s absolute safety and health.
  • No bees for the rest of the year,GUARANTEED!

I just want to say how I am so glad I called you guys. I left a review and hope others can see it. Your employee came out the same day, took care of our issue and so far I have not seen anymore yellow jackets.

Dianna Knight

A1 bee specialists saved my life literally. I had an unknown huge hive in my attic that ate through to my closet. I am allergic to bees. I got lucky when I dialed the first A1 Bee specialists from the yellow pages. 


Look Forward To A Whole Year With Zero Bees !


Experts in Bees, Wasps and Hornets Prevention in Rochester Hills Michigan A1beespecialists


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