Bees-Wasps-Hornets-Wasp Prevention

A1 Bee Specialists

Serving Oakland County Michigan

Bees-Wasps-Hornets-Wasp Prevention

A1 Bee Specialists

Serving Oakland County Michigan


Carpenter-bees Wasps Hornets Nest Removal you can Trust

Enjoy the outdoors again! Protect your family and Pets from yellow-jacket stings, Carpenter-bee structural damage to your home, or unsightly Wasp Nest around your home. Contact a professional Bee Specialist in Oakland County that you can trust, depend on, and will do the job well.

A1 Bee Specialists has decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in Oakland County MI since 1995

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Wasp Prevention Service Plan

This is our best service to stop Bees Wasps and Hornets from nesting on and around your home. This service will protect your family and pets from unprovoked bee stings and allow you to enjoy your deck, Swimming pool, and children’s play area without the fear of getting stung. This service includes a fall inspection and service to prevent stinging insects from overwintering in your attic.
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Starting from:$450

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Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Pricing

Starting from: $190

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets pricing include

1. Free Home Inspection

2. Free follow-up services

3. A 30 Day Warranty 50% off an Extended Warranty good thru December 31st from your service date

.*Additional charges may apply for add-on services

Why Choose us

All Services come with a warranty

A1 Bee Specialists provide a warranty for all Service work. There is no additional charge for follow-up service if needed.

Exact Appointment/Arrival Time

A1 bee specialists Service Tech sends customers an ON THE WAY email with a visual tracking link of the service vehicle with the exact arrival time of their appointments.

Over 4 Decades of Experience

A1 Bee Specialists started in 1981 as a general pest control company and converted into a stinging insect specialists company in 1995.

Customers are our #1 Priority

A1 Bee Specialists was created in 1995 with the Motto “Your satisfaction is our #1 priority)

Enviroment Friendly Pesticides

A1 Bee Specialists only use organic and or pesticides with an EPA label of safe to use around family and pets when used according to the label.

Specialize in Wasp Prevention

A1 Bee Specialists offer Wasp prevention services to stop Bees, Wasps, and Hornets before they get started.


If you are in need of fast responsive, courteous, and professional service do not delay! You will be extremely pleased with A1 bee specialists service. I was unable to enjoy sitting out on the patio due to the incessant yellow jacket activity. A1bee specialists were quick to come to my home and attend to the problem. The specialist assessed the problem and got to work immediately. I am now able to sit outside and enjoy my patio and weather problem solved! A1 bee specialists are exactly that! A-1!!!

— indira boldon

Reached out to Carvin for service for Carpenter bees. Carvin was able to assess my problem with the bees and address the problem and after a weeks time those nuisances are no longer around. A warranty through the end of the year was made available in case the bees return. I really don’t believe they will. It was pleasure talking to Carvin and would recommend his services

— Rod Wilson

Another season receiving services from A1 Bee Specialists! Carvin has been providing exceptional customer service for me about 5 years now and I will continue to use his company. He is very thorough and reliable. The site is easy to follow and the prevention plans are available to fit your needs. We are always left with a sense of relief after his inspection and treatments. THANKS again A1 Bee Specialists!

— Shar G

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