Got Bees Wasp Hornets?

Bees Wasps Hornets? Enjoy the outdoors, deck, swimming pool, and kid’s play area without the fear of getting stung. Protect your family and Pets from yellow-jacket stings.

Protect your family and pets from Stinging insects.

Families and pets should enjoy the outdoor barbecues, deck, and swimming pool, therefore, limiting the fear of getting stung by bees, wasps, or hornets. Families should be aware of the health threats caused by stinging insects. They send more than half a million people and pets to the emergency room every year (NPMA) reports.

If a bee’s wasps hornet’s nest is provoked or threatened, people or pets can get stung, which can be life-threatening, especially for anyone who has an allergic reaction. A1 Bee Specialists strongly discourage people from attempting to handle a stinging insect nest on their own and above all contact a professional expert bee specialists


Structural Damage

Carpenter bees do structural damage to your home and are very expensive to correct the damage if you don’t control them at an early level.

Image of a Carpenter-Bee


Defend Their Nest

Yellowjackets are the most aggressive in defending their nest. They can be distinguished from bees by their thin “waists.” 

Image of a yellow-jacket


Football shaped Nest

The baldfaced hornet produces football-shaped, grey papery nests. It gets its name from the ivory-white markings on the face, The thorax, legs, and abdomen.

image of a Baldfaced-Hornet

Wasp Prevention

Homeowners should be aware of stinging insects while enjoying the outdoors. A bee’s wasps hornet’s nest can interfere with outdoor activities in addition to yard work. The nest can take the shape of a football with hundreds of stinging insects inside. They can build nests underground, in trees, shrubs, overhangs, eaves, utility poles, tires, houses, sheds, and other structures.

Image of a house

How to avoid Bees Wasps Hornets Stings around your home?

The following tips are recommended to avoid getting stung by stinging insects.

  1. Wear shoes, especially in grassy areas.

  2. Over seed grassy areas to get better coverage, as this will deter ground-nesting insects.

  3. Remove garbage frequently and keep trashcans covered.

  4. Do not swat at a stinging insect as it increases the likelihood of an aggressive reaction.

  5. Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes.

  6. Ensure all doors and windows in your home have screens that are in good condition.

5 Bee Wasp Hornet’s nest removal tips

If you decide to remove a stinging insect nest yourself, above all follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Treating at night is generally recommended because wasps are less aggressive then. However, they respond quickly to any sign of light, so avoid even using a torch, as this may provoke them to leave the nest.
  • Wear protection – wasps will attack if disturbed. Also, Ensure that you minimize uncovered skin, including wearing gloves and a hat.
  • Do not attempt DIY treatment if you suspect you are sensitive to wasp stings above all; call a bee specialist if the nest is indoors or inaccessible.
  • Do not treat a wasp nest when on a ladder or from a raised height unless you have bee proof clothing, including a bee veil.
  • Get an A1 Bee Specialists Wasp prevention packages to stop bees, wasps, and hornets before they get started. Professional Bee Specialists can remove your nest safely to prevent family and pets from getting stings. It’s important while removing a yellow-jacket nest to wear protective clothing and a bee veil.

Why Choose A1 Bee Specialists for Bee Wasp Hornet Removal?

  • Since 1995, thousands of homeowners within South East Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and Washtenaw County have depended on us to solve their yellow-jacket Bee Wasp & Hornet problems. Above all, our knowledge, training, and reputation are second to none.
  • Avoid the hazards of doing it yourself.
  • Fast service! We service the same day when it’s available. If service is not available on the same day, we will schedule you as soon as possible.
  • Online scheduling is easy and convenient. After scheduling your appointment, a technician will be notified by text, email, or phone when en-route to your home for service.
  • Our Eco-friendly (IPM) Integrated Pest Management effective treatment is environmental, children, and pets safe; we only apply safe chemicals and use it strictly according to the label.
  • A1 Bee Specialists offers a service that not only removes bee wasp hornet infestations, but we also offer a wasp prevention service that actually prevents wasps and hornets from nesting in on or around your home.