Yellow-Jacket Removal in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Have you noticed the appearance of yellow jackets around your home? If yes, then you must find an expert to get rid of them instantly. Make sure that they are professional and highly qualified. with experience in removing yellow jackets. It can be difficult to find Bee Specialists for yellow jacket removal in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. finding an expert can be challenging. But you don’t need to worry. This article will assist you with some important points and solutions. Before you hire an expert yellow jacket removal, know as much as you can about yellow jackets!

What are yellow jackets?

Yellow jackets can be identified by their aggressive and highly protective nature unlike honey bees, who have yellow and blackheads and thoraces. These irritating pests can cause trouble in your yard or home, but you can get rid of them easily with the help of experienced bee specialists.

Do You need to remove yellow jackets from your home or yard? 

The presence of yellow jackets in your home or around your yard can cause trouble for you. If you notice a single bee around your property, you should immediately do a detailed inspection to find out if there are other nests. Once you find additional nests you should hire a professional to get rid of them safely and properly.

How to get rid of yellow jackets? 

First, get a free home inspection service. A1 Bee specialists offer free home inspection services to protect families and pets from stinging insects. Families may enjoy their outdoor swimming pool, deck, and play areas without the fear of getting stung by yellow jackets. A1 Bee Specialists conduct a thorough free home inspection, Identify the problem and offer a guaranteed solution. There is no charge for follow-up services if needed. A1 Bee Specialists is one of the industry leaders with decades of experience and thousands of happy and satisfied customers.

Take wasp prevention measures: 

A1 Bee Specialists offer Wasp prevention packages to stop bees, wasps, and hornets before they get started. Professional Bee Specialists can remove your nest safely to prevent family and pets from getting stings. It’s important while removing a yellow-jacket nest to wear protective clothing and a bee veil. Yellow jackets are naturally aggressive when their nests are uprooted. keep your family and pets safe from yellowjackets and schedule your appointment online now

We Know Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Did you know that A1 Bee Specialists is one of the original pioneers specializing in bees, wasps, hornets, and carpenter bees removal service in Michigan? We also have an agreement to provide you with Stakich, Inc. natural beehive products and supplements including honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and more.  That’s how serious we are about being THE bee experts of Michigan. Call (248) 467- 4849 to learn more about all of our services and offerings.

Bee Wasp Hornet Removal Service Details

  • We will accommodate your request for same-day service when it’s available.
  • Our goal is to remove the bee wasp or hornet nest the same day that service is rendered. However, some nests may require a follow-up visit. After we treat the nest. Your warranty begins after service on the third day of service. Your warranty is good until December 31, of the year your service is provided. Our service includes a base charge with a small incremental charge for necessary prevention and recurring services.

  • If you have previously self-treated for bees wasps or hornets this may cause a reschedule of your appointment and an additional service charge. So Please do not pretreat prior to our service because pretreating will complicate our treatment procedure and many times customers will drive them into their homes.
  • Price Estimate: All yellow-jacket Bee Wasp and Hornet services have a base price of $150. The recurring and prevention services have an additional charge that will be determined after the home inspection.
  • All of our services are 100% guaranteed.

Why Choose A1 Bee Specialists for Bee Wasp Hornet Removal?

  • Since 1995, thousands of homeowners within South East Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and Washtenaw County have depended on us to solve their yellow-jacket Bee Wasp & Hornet problems. Our knowledge, training, and reputation are second to none.
  • Avoid the hazards of doing it yourself, we will safely remove the bees wasps, or hornets from your property and provide you with no-charge follow-up services if it is needed.
  • Fast service! We service the same day when it’s available. If service is not available on the same day we will schedule you as soon as possible
  • Online scheduling is easy and convenient. After scheduling your appointment You will be notified by a technician by text, email, or phone when en route to your home for service. We answer your phone call 24/7 with a LivePerson and most messages are returned within 15 minutes by experienced Bee Specialists
  • Our Eco-friendly (IPM) Integrated Pest Management effective treatment is environmentally, children, and pest safe as we only apply safe chemicals and use them strictly according to the label.
  • A1 Bee Specialists offers a service that not only removes bee wasp hornet infestations, but we also offer a wasp prevention service that actually prevents wasps and hornets from nesting in on or around your home.

Got a Bee, Wasp, or Hornet Nest? Schedule service online now.

If you currently have a yellow-jacket Bee Wasp or Hornet nest on your property that requires immediate attention A home inspection or estimate is not required. Your Home will receive an inspection prior to service. You can now conveniently purchase and schedule services online by clicking the Schedule Now button   Schedule Now

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