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Carvin ‘The Bee Specialists”

Bees? Wasps? Hornets? Carpenter-Bees? Yellow-Jackets? Baldfaced-Hornets? Do you want to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of getting stung? Would you like to protect your family and Pets from Bees, Wasps or Hornets stings and prevent them from nesting in around or on your home. Do you need Bees, Wasps or hornets nest removal from your walls, attic, ground or trees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Your answer is Carvin ” The Bee Specialists” Founder and owner of A1 Bee Specialists One of the original pioneers to establish a company specializing in preventing and removing the stinging insect nest of Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow-Jackets Carpenter-Bees.

A1 Bee Specialists offer Prevention Packages that stop stinging insects from establishing nests before they get started. The Bronze, Silver or Gold Prevention Packages enable homeowners to protect their families and pets, enjoy their deck, swimming pool and play area without the fear of getting stung.

Source: Bees? Wasps? Hornets?| A1 Bee Specialists