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Wasp Prevention

Bee Wasp Hornet Prevention Packages are available in Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. A wasp Prevention service will prevent Bees, Wasps, and Hornets from nesting in, around, and on your home and protect your family and pets from stings so that you may enjoy the outdoors. 

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Wasp Prevention Service Pricing

Bronze Wasp prevention

Yellow Jackets Baldfaced Hornets
Free exterior home inspection.
No charge for follow- up visits if needed

Bronze wasp prevention Image

Silver Wasp Prevention

Carpenter Bees
Ground Bees
Bumble Bees Honey Bees

*Plus The Bronze Package

Silver wasp prevention Image

Gold Wasp Prevention

Perimeter grounds shrubbery and trees. Exterior ants and spider prevention.

*Plus the Silver and Bronze Services

Gold wasp prevention Image

Platinum Wasp Prevention

Regular monthly inspection and service. Fall prevention service (prevents Bees, Wasps, and Hornets from overwintering in walls and attics.)
Extended warranty to cover wasps appearing in your home early spring of the following year.

*Plus the Gold, Silver and Bronze Services

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Don’t Worry Bee Happy

A1 Bee Specialists is one of the first specialists in Michigan to focus on stinging insect removal and wasp prevention. We firmly believe that prevention service is the absolute best way to keep stinging insects away from your property. 

Schedule A Wasp Prevention Service

Do you currently have a Bee Wasp or Hornet nest on your property that requires immediate attention? You can now service online by clicking on the Schedule Appointment button below.
A1 Bee Specialists take great pride in incorporating eco-friendly methods in our pest prevention packages. Enjoy the outdoors again with family and pets without the fear of getting stung. (e.g., swimming, barbeque parties, playing, and gardening). Our Prevention packages make your yard safe by effectively eliminating and preventing stinging insects. Schedule your free home inspection now and say goodbye to pesky stinging insects!

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Why choose A1 Bee Specialists for wasp prevention service

We are a family-owned business with over 4 decades of Protecting families and pets from removing bee wasp and hornet nests. Schedule your appointment online now and enjoy the outdoors without the fear of getting stung.

  1. Decades of experience

    Since 1995, thousands of homeowners within South East Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and Washtenaw County have depended on us to solve their Bee Wasp & Hornet problems. Our knowledge, training, and reputation are second to none.

  2. Expert Service

    Avoid the hazards of doing it yourself, we will safely remove the bees wasp or hornets from your property and provide you with no charge follow-up services if they are needed.

  3. Same day service when available

    We service the same day when it’s available. If service is not available on the same day, we will schedule you as soon as possible

  4. Online scheduling

    Online scheduling is easy and convenient. You will be notified by a technician by text, email, or phone while en route to your home for service. We answer your call 24/7 with a LivePerson and most messages are returned within 15 minutes by an experienced Bee Specialists

  5. Children and pet safe chemical used

    Our Eco-friendly (IPM) Integrated Pest Management effective treatment is environmental, children and pest safe as we only apply safe chemicals and use it strictly according to the label

A1 Bee Specialists Service Details

  • We will accommodate your request for same-day service when it’s available. 
  • Our goal is to remove the bee wasp or hornet nest the same day that service is rendered. However, some nests may require a follow-up visit After we treat the nest. Your warranty begins after the third day of service. Your warranty is good until December 31 of the year your service is provided. Our service includes a base charge with an additional for necessary prevention and recurring services if needed.
  • If you have previously self-treated for bees, wasp, or hornets, this may cause a reschedule of your appointment and an additional service charge.
  • All of our services are 100% guaranteed. Schedule now

A1 Bee Specialists Warranty

It doesn’t matter how bad your stinging insect problems are or even if you have multiple nests on your house or in your walls. A1 Bee Specialists will get rid of your stinging insects guaranteed. After a prevention service, we guarantee that Bees Wasps & Hornets will stay away from your home until the end of the year. That’s right!  Our treatments are guaranteed through December 31st of the year in which you get your treatment service.