Carvin “The Bee Specialists”

Carvin ‘The Bee Specialists”

A1 Bee Specialists is a family business, owned and operated by Carvin Melson. Carvin founded Melson Pest Elimination in 1981 as a general Pest Control Company and Converted it to A1 Bee Specialists in 1995. The Mission of A1 Bee Specialists is to protect families and pets from bee stings and also allow families to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of getting stung.

Early Pioneer

Carvin was one of the early pioneers to establish Bee Specialists company and has become an expert at inspecting, identifying and using an Integrated Pest Management approach in addition to solving stinging insect nesting problems.

Carvin The Bee Specialists set the standard in South-Eastern Michigan by Specializing in the nest removal and prevention of bees, wasps, and hornets from establishing nests around homes, as a result, This enables families to enjoy their outside deck, swimming pool and play areas without the fear of getting stung.

Expert Bee Specialists

Carvin The Bee Specialists attended Purdue University and completed a two-year course in etymology and pursued his lifelong interest in working with insects and particularly bees. He graduated from Oakland University in 1973 where he played basketball and is presently Oakland University’s all-time leading scorer and rebounder. Carvin is fondly called “The Bee Specialists”, for his expert knowledge and Pioneering techniques. He initiated several techniques in, solving and preventing Bees, Wasps, Hornet and Yellow Jacket related Problems.

Early Beginning Bee Specialists

Carvin grew up in Gadsden, Alabama where his father was a carpenter. He also raised honey bees. Carvin along with his brother worked with him to prepare homes for construction and frequently encountered bees and wasp nesting between wall voids, on trees and also in the ground. Carvin and his brother relocated honey bee swarms, to their hives at home. They extracted and also enjoyed the good tasting honey at every opportunity. The community was happy and appreciative to have someone to solve their bee problems, in addition, Carvin’s Dad made sure they were satisfied and shared the extracted honey with them.

Bee Removal and Prevention Expert

This was the beginning of Carvin interest in preventing and solving bee, wasp, and hornet problems in addition to satisfying customers.
fast forward 38 years later Carvin as the owner of A1 Bee Specialists is still solving stinging insect problems, satisfying customers and enjoying that good tasting honey.

If you would like to enjoy the outdoors again and also protect your family from stinging insects contact Carvin and the Experts at A1 Bee Specialists.