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Protect your family and pets from Wasp & hornet stings

5 Tips to protect your family and pets from wasp & hornets stings

Hornets, wasp, and bees highlight this video to protect families and Pets from stinging insects.

National Pest Management Association reported that over 500,000 people and pets are hospitalized because of Bee, Wasp, and Hornet sting every year. Also, did you know a Bee Specialist can provide you with a prevention service? A Prevention Service will prevent bees and wasps from establishing nests in, on, and around your home. Don’t let stingings insect make you and your pets a prisoner in your home. Protect your family, pets, and loved ones from unprovoked Bee, Wasp, and Hornet sting. The best way to stop bees from coming around your home is to get a professional Bee Specialist Prevention Service. In addition to a Free Home Inspection.

5 tips to protect your family and pets from Bees wasps hornets Sting.

1 Call a Professional Bee Specialist and get a free home inspection. A licensed technician will also inspect your home for Bees, Wasps, Baldfaced Hornets, Yellowjackets, and Carpenter Bee Nests. Several prevention packages will remove existing nests. Make sure you get a professional company that specializes and give you a warranty for the service provided.

2 Inspect your home regularly for Bee, Wasp, Hornet, Yellowjacket, and Carpenter Bee Nests. Also, check your eaves, shrubbery, and trees for bee or wasps nests.

3. Put food into a container with a lid. Also, use a drinking cup with a lid and straw because Bees and Wasps need protein, and they are also constantly looking for food and sugary drinks.

4 Avoid floral and bright clothing because they attract bees and wasps. Stinging insects like white and yellow colors, they cannot detect the color red.

5. Finally, if you encounter a bee or wasp, do not swing or make any aggressive action. If you attempt to control Bees or Wasps yourself, be sure to read and follow the label. Do not spray or caulk into a crack or hole if you cannot see the nest.

Carvin The Bee Specialists

Carvin The Bee Specialists

Carvin is known as “the Bee specialists” he’s one of the original pioneers in the pest control industry to specialize in a stinging insect business. Carvin is an expert at the nest removal of Bees, Wasps, and Hornets and specialized skills in servicing Yellow-Jackets, Carpenter-Bees, and Baldfaced-Hornets. Carvin has serviced thousands of satisfied customers in South-Eastern Michigan since 1981 while specializing in stinging insects only in 1995. Carvin attended Oakland University in 1969 and is presently Oakland University’s leading scorer and rebounder after 50 years and counting.


Why Choose A1 Bee Specialists

  • Since 1995, thousands of homeowners within South East Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and Washtenaw County have depended on us to solve their Bee Wasp & Hornet problems. Our knowledge, training, and reputation are second to none.
  • Avoid the hazards of doing it yourself; we will safely remove the bees wasp or hornets from your property, also provide you with no charge follow-up services if they are needed.
  • Fast service! We service the next day when it’s available. If service is not available the same day we will schedule you as soon as possible
  • Online scheduling is easy and convenient. You will be notified by a technician by text, email or phone while en route to your home for service. In addition, we answer your call 24/7 with a LivePerson. Most messages are returned within 15 minutes by experienced Bee Specialists.
Free Home Inspection
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What is the cost of a Wasp service?

A1 Bee Specialists has a base charge of $150.00 for all stinging insect services. If there is an aditional charge it will be determined after the inspection has been conducted. Also
There is a different price structure for a wasp prevention Bronze, Silver or Gold Package.
All Service work has a 100% money-back warranty, And no charge follow up service if needed.

Free Home Inspection

How to prevent Wasps from nesting on my home

Do you currently have a bee wasp or hornet nest on your property that requires immediate attention? The best way to prevent wasps from nesting around your home is to schedule a Wasp prevention service from a bee specialist. A1 Bee Specialists offer a
free home inspection for residents in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb County. In addition to nearby cities.

Free Home Inspection
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Our 100% money-back warranty!

It doesn’t matter how bad your stinging insect problems are or even if you have multiple nests on your house or in your walls. Because A1 Bee Specialists will get rid of your stinging insects guaranteed. After a wasp prevention service, we guarantee that Bees Wasps & Hornets will stay away from your home until the end of the year. If your stinging insect problem is not resolved, your money will be 100% refunded to you.

Free Home Inspection

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