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Bees, Wasps & Hornets Prevention Programs

  • Stop bees, wasps & hornets before they get started sign up for your bronze, silver, gold or platinum program

  • Enjoy your outdoors, deck, swimming pool and kids play structure and without the fear of getting stung.

  • Protect your family & pets from unprovoked bees, wasps & hornets stings

  • Protect your home from costly structual damage caused by nesting bees, wasps & hornets

  • Receive your free fall & spring inspection service to identify and disrupt stinging insects over the winter and spring nesting cycle

  • Get your 100% year around assurance warranty with no charge for maintenance follow up services.

  • Use your credit or debit card to make affordable installment pay plans on a prevention program of your choice.

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A1 Bee Specialists' Wasp Prevention Programs, available in Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze, will prevent Bees, Wasps, and hornets from nesting in, around and on your home. A1 Bee Specialists offer customer satisfaction with no charge for maintenance follow up service if needed. Schedule your PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE Wasp Prevention Service by clicking here. You can also call to schedule an appointment at (800) 656-0222 or (248) 467-4849
Carvin Melson Sr.- CEO, President